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My Protein Life Changer

My name is Charlotte James. For me Myprotein discount code was a live changer as it made me from an ordinary and unknown girl to most popular well shaped and well respected girl in my high school.

Till my school I was an average girl and nobody used to know me and I was sort of un popular and was also a bit skinny which was also a weak point of me as very less amount of guys are interested in skinny and average girl.

I wished that I could get better looks and get a bit attractive because I had very few male friends even I had 4-5 female friends and nobody liked to be with me as the other guys used to make fun of me and call me skinny and weak girl.

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One day a cousin of mine visited my place so I shared my situation with her she asked me to join gym. Even she told me about her friend that how skinny she was before joining gym and how good looking and attractive she got after joining gym.

In begging I was a bit nervous and was a bit scared to go to gym that what will my colleges say when they find out that I have joined gym, they will get a new topic to make fun of me. On the same time a thought arose in my mind that what happens if they make fun of me as they already are.

The very next day I went to the gym near my house and I told about my condition and planning to gym instructor and told him the intention which brought me to gym. He was very kind and very respective.

He told me that in the beginning he will just make me do exercises and will try to reduce fat in my body and try to bring my body in a shape. Then he will ask me to take some of mass gaining supplements. He was very good and I felt comfortable and relaxed over there and I joined the gym from the very next day.

On the first day of my gym I was not a little bit but a lot nervous but when I started the exercises so I felt easy and comfortable as many of skinny people and body builders were doing exercises together and I did it for like 4 to 5 months and in this time period my body had changed a lot.

After getting my body in shape my instructor asked me to buy the myprotein mass gaining supplements and told me that it will be wills how results in very less time. I went home ordered the supplement and even ordered some of clothing stuff like trouser hoodies shirts and gloves.

Within 3 months the results were coming my body was gaining mass and I was getting a bit healthier. MY colleagues  also stopped to make fun of me and almost every one used to ask and even now ask me how did I changed from that skinny body to this fit and attractive body and this made me popular. All credits goes to myprotien as it changed my life from an average un rated girl to famous and popular girl of my high school.